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Memory Upgrade on all Servers

WebCitz has finished upgrading all of its dedicated servers for shared and reseller web hosting clients from 8GB to 16GB of DDR3 RAM! Stay tuned for exciting announcements regarding Softolicious on all servers!

Mr. Bokay Florist & Greenhouse

Mr Bokay Flowers & GreenhouseWebCitz would like to introduce MrBokay.com! Mr. Bokay is a family-owned, professional florist providing local delivery of fresh flowers and thriving plants throughout the United States and abroad. Surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day with a delivery of fresh flowers or roses to their home or workplace! You can visit their website at www.mrbokay.com!

Improve WordPress Speed with W3 Total Cache

WebCitz would like to recommend the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress 2.8+. The W3 Total Cache plugin works to improve your blog’s performance through browser, page, object and database caching as well as minification of your HTML, CSS and Javascript. Additionally, it provides content delivery network (CDN) support if that is of interest to you. The extension has been downloaded nearly 1,000,000 times according to WordPress.org! In our tests, we have found it to be an excellent source for increasing the speed of a WordPress website. If you choose to install this plugin, please be sure to take a full backup of your website and database – as you should with any significant modification to your website. Take a look at the extension here: WordPress Plugin Directory.

Creating CSS Sprites

Are you looking for a way to automatically create CSS sprites for your website? More than likely, you are looking to create a CSS sprite in order to cut down on HTTP requests on your website, improve page speed and satisfy the checklists of many popular website speed checking programs. Here is a great website for an Automatic CSS Sprite Generator.

Joomla 1.7.5 / 2.5.1 Update Release

Please know that Joomla has released a security update for Joomla versions lower than 1.7.4 or 2.5.0. Please update to version 1.7.5 or 2.5.1 at your earliest convenience. If you are interested in having our team implement this update, please contact us.

  • Severity: Low & Moderate Reports
  • Versions: lower than 1.7.5 / 2.5.0
  • Exploit type: Information Disclosures