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Holding Down the Office on New Year’s Eve

There were more than fifty requests for support received so far today – all responded to in a timely fashion! Here is a quick look into the offices of WebCitz, where one of our fearless leaders attempts to bring humor and laughter to the office this New Year’s Eve. You will see that he didn’t make it through the day in the end, but it wasn’t a problem – the team dragged him home.

This has been a short story by WebCitz, LLC. For more short stories, stay tuned! Thanks!

Microinsurance Centre

WebCitz is proud to announce the launch of the brand new Microinsurance Centre website! MicroInsurance Centre, LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to generating access to valuable microinsurance products to 3 billion low-income people across the globe and their work with clients includes various aspects of microinsurance, from product development and training to research and advocacy. Please visit the new Microinsurance Centre website today!