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“Operation Clandestine Fox” IE Bug Leaves Many Vulnerable!

The United Kingdom and United States governments recommended computer users think about using a different browser until Microsoft Corp. finds a solution to a security weakness, which hackers have used to launch a barrage of attacks. The IE bug was announced over this past weekend and is the first high profile hazard to come to light since Microsoft discontinued security updates for Windows XP earlier in April. Anything using Windows XP will not be defended soon! Experts skilled in security have been warning XP users about the absence of security that will be coming and suggest switching to windows 7 or 8 before the security updates have ceased. News of the vulnerability surfaced over the weekend. Cyber-security software developer FireEye Inc warned that an experienced group of hackers have been manipulating the bug in a campaign known as “Operation Clandestine Fox.” The hazard could be the wake-up call that pushes roughly 20% of PC users, who use XP, to get rid of their old system. This will cause a surge in new system purchases and may help stimulate the economy this year. If you are still using XP be sure to switch or beware of the consequences of an unprotected system!

Best Way Cabinets

The WebCitz team is pleased to announce the launch of their latest project, the new Best Way Cabinets website! Best Way Cabinets offers select kitchen and bathroom cabinets manufactured to the highest standards using real wood, superior hardware and durable paints & finishes. Be sure to check out Best Way Cabinets online to see the new website design!

The Sign Language Group

The WebCitz team is happy to announce their latest redesign project, The Sign Language Group website! The Sign Language Group is the first sign language interpreting agency of its kind in Northern Wisconsin, offering skilled, professional Sign Language interpreting for all your communication needs. Please visit the new Sign Language Group website today!