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WebCitz Halloween!

WebCitz has been invaded by a shark and a geek for Halloween! The other members of the team decided dressing up for Halloween wasn’t cool enough, so one redeemed himself by taking this picture and writing the blog article!

Happy Halloween and Safe Trick or Treating!

WebCitz Halloween

WebCitz is now a Google Partner!

WebCitz has fully qualified for the status of a Google Partner!

Google Partner

Google AdWords & Analytics Certified!

WebCitz now has a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified marketer on staff! It took about five and a half hours of testing to get through all of the exams, but it was well worth it! We now fully qualify as a Google Partner and should receive our updated status and certification badge soon! Talk about excitement!

Google Analytics Qualified IndividualGoogle AdWords Qualified Individual

Joomla 2.5.27, 3.2.5 and 3.3.6 Released

Joomla has released updates to fix issues ranging from “inadequate checking allowed the potential for a denial of service attack” and “inadequate checking allowed the potential for remote files to be executed” in its previous releases. Please update to 2.5.27, 3.2.5 or 3.3.6 to get the latest versions. If you need assistance, please contact us!

Protected Against Shellshock

There have been a lot of emails these past few days asking if our servers are protected against the bash vulnerability dubbed “Shellshock.” If you are concerned please feel free to email and double check, but just to confirm here if you are hosted on one of our servers or have a project being developed on one of our development servers you have nothing to worry about. There are enough other posts describing the attack, so if you want to read more about the Shellshock vulnerability please check out one of these links.