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Magento Block Permissions

We have had several customers who recently upgraded their websites to the latest Magento CE version report broken or missing areas within their websites. These issues, when sparked by a recent upgrade, are typically related to a new security feature called block permissions. If you have logging enabled you should be able to see something like the following in the system.log file.

Security problem: something/something has not been whitelisted

The simple fix is to allow that block in System > Permissions > Block Permissions from the Magento admin area. You can see in the image below that catalog/product_list_random on a customer’s installation was added to the whitelist.

Magento Block Permissions

Vancouver Sailing Club

The WebCitz team is happy to share Vancouver Sailing Club’s new website redesign! Since 2004, the mission of the Vancouver Sailing Club is to provide adults with a fun and comprehensive sailing education that exceeds internationally recognized certification requirements for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced recreational sailing with courses open to both members and non-members alike throughout the year. Be sure to visit the new Vancouver Sailing Club website!