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New Office Location Update!


The kitchen has been carpeted and floorboard has been installed!


The entry way with tile and carpet and baseboard! The move in date is 04/30/2016! Time Warner Cable has stopped by today and we are wrapping up on some final cleaning and touch-up work before the move!

New Office Location Update!

Here are a few images of the back entry (with a fire extinguisher for when Timm grills out) as well as an image of the utility area (where Corey can store all of his cleaning supplies!). They aren’t final pictures yet, but it is close! We are in the final two weeks and will be in the new office by May 1, 2016!
WebCitz - New Office - Back Entry

WebCitz - New Office - Utililty Room

New Office Location Update!

Here are a few updates to the status of our office relocation! The build out is coming along nicely. Pictured below is the conference room and one of the general work areas. There is still a lot of work to have completed, but we are confident everything will come together in the next and final two weeks of the build out!

WebCitz - New Office - Ceiling Tiles

The ceiling tiles have been placed and the lights have power!

WebCitz - New Office - Conference Room

The work on the conference room ceiling tiles had to be delayed while the hardwood floor was refinished! The days are numbered for those old brass knobs and hinges!

WebCitz - New Office - Work Area #1

Above is a picture of one of our work areas that has an exterior wall that provides nice lighting. There will a 200-300 gallon aquarium in this room (from our friends at CustumAquariums.com) toward the right side – something to help brighten up the atmosphere of an office.
WebCitz - New Office - Work Area #2

The other side of one of our work areas previously shown above. The aquarium would actually be going toward the left wall in this picture.

Grain Sight

WebCitz is pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Grain Sight website! The Grain Sight system offered by GrainSight.com turns your bin into an effective piece of equipment that modernizes your grain storage operation. WebCitz is happy to come alongside Grain Sight in the design of the new website! Please visit the new Grain Sight website today!


WebCitz is proud to announce the launch of CustomCages.com! This project involved a complete overhaul into a new platform and the creation of a reptile, bird or small animal cage configurator! Custom Cages is a USA-based manufacturer of high-end lizard, reptile, cat, amphibian, bird, snake and small animal cages and enclosures for indoor and outdoor purposes. You can check out their website at CustomCages.com or if you’d like to see the configurator head directly to the Hybrid Configurator!

New Office Location Update!

Here is an updated image of the kitchen area where the macchiattos and cappuccinos are brewed up by Corey!

WebCitz - New Office - Kitchen

All-Lift Systems

WebCitz is pleased to announce the launch of the new All-Lift Systems website! Founded in 1981, All-Lift Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of lifting equipment, rigging equipment, and industrial supplies. WebCitz is happy to have had the opportunity to team up with them on their latest website project. Feel free to take a look at the new All-Lift Systems website at www.all-liftsystems.com!