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New Team Member!

WebCitz would like to welcome Jake Friday as the newest member to the team. Jake has been an intern for over three years, and has decided to join us full time at the beginning of May! He will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, with a minor in Business Administration. Jake has experience with Software Development, Internet Security, Web Programming Development, and App Development. We are excited to have him on our team, and are looking forward to everything he will be bringing to WebCitz!

Adobe Acquires Magento

WebCitz wants to let you know that Adobe has acquired Magento. This could be exciting news as Adobe might help push forward faster improvements to the Magento 2 platform that was released a couple years ago. If you have any questions, please let us know so we can provide you feedback. Otherwise, here are two good articles you can read for more information if you find time.

Magento Blog & Tech Crunch

Fun Facts:

  • Magento was started in 2007
  • eBay announced it owned 49% of Magento in 2010
  • eBay acquired 100% of Magento in 2011
  • eBay sold Magento in 2015 to a group of investors
  • Adobe acquires Magento in 2018 (current)