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Joomla Security Update 3.8.9

WebCitz would like to inform you that an update has been released in Joomla 3.8.9. Please, upgrade your Joomla installations as soon as possible to patch the security issues. This release fixes any bugs you may have encountered, along with several other minor improvements for Joomla to run effectively. Always remember to take backups before running upgrades. If you need help upgrading your website, contact us today.

National Selfie Day!

WebCitz is excited to have been able to partake in National Selfie Day! While working on a 360-degree video promotion in downtown Appleton, our team took a minute to snap a quick selfie to share with our customers. Let us know what you think!

Top Row: Jake S, Corey G, Jake F, Timm H
Bottom Row: David W, Emily L, Aubrie B