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Magento’s Browse Image and Upload Files Button Missing

If you are a Google Chrome user and noticed the Browse Files and Upload Files buttons are missing when attempting to upload images to your products then we may have a solution for you! In recent changes to Google Chrome, Flash-based content has to be manually authorized in the Content settings of Google Chrome. Newer Magento versions do not have this issue as the Flash uploader was replaced with an updated system, but if you are still on an older Magento version this might be helpful to you.

  • In Google Chrome, visit this URL: chrome://settings/content
  • That should take you to the settings area and show you a popup window of “Content” settings.
  • Scroll down to the “Flash” section and click “Manage exceptions…”
  • Scroll down to the bottom where there is an empty input box and type in “https://[*.]www.domainname.com:443” without the quotes.

Note: The above URL assumes you utilize HTTPS and the www subdomain. Please adjust accordingly. If you don’t use HTTPS then change the 443 port to 80, in addition to removing the “S” on HTTPS.