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Joomla 3.7.1 Released

WebCitz would like to inform you that a serious security update has been released in Joomla 3.7.1. Please, upgrade your Joomla installation from the recent Joomla 3.7.0 release as soon as possible to patch the security issues. Always remember to take backups before running upgrades. If you need help upgrading your website, contact us today.

WebCitz – Corey Giordana

Corey Giordana has been with WebCitz since early 2012. If you are a customer, we guarantee you have had multiple calls with Corey. This video allows you to put a face with the voice you have heard for years. Overall communication is Corey’s primary role, but he has various other roles from on-site SEO to PHP programming.

WebCitz – David Wurst

The staff at Webcitz is excited to tell you more about our roles here and how we can help you with your business. The owner, David Wurst, has had a passion for web development for nearly his entire life. The first website he developed was back in 1997 at the age of 11. In 2004, he started WebCitz LLC and since then the company has grown immensely. David looks forward to helping you with all your web development needs. Contact us today to learn more about our web developing options.

Video Production

WebCitz is excited to announce the addition of Peter, who is our videographer and photographer. Here at WebCitz, we can offer your business numerous ways to record and customize your videos to maximize your marketing potential. We will be sure to accurately represent your visual brand to the correct target audiences. Contact us today to learn more about all of our video production services.

Web Hosting

WebCitz is among the most secure, reliable and flexible web hosting companies on the market. To provide our shared web hosting clients the highest degree of performance we utilize fully managed dedicated servers. Our servers featured are Dual Intel Xeon Processors, RAID-10 SSD Storage and 64GB+ Server memory. Contact us today to learn more about our web hosting services.

Website Maintenance and Support

The decision to choose WebCitz for your on-going development projects or recurring maintenance requests will open our entire creative team to your company. WebCitz has a streamlined system in place to provide priority turnaround for all incoming customer requests. Contact us today to hear more about our maintenance and support services.

WebCitz Video Launch

WebCitz is very excited to release our first video with hundreds more coming in the near future. This video highlights who we are and what we can do for your business. We cannot wait to help our clients with this service in the future. Contact us today to learn more.

Joomla 3.7.0 Released

WebCitz would like to inform you that a security update has been released in Joomla 3.7.0. Please, upgrade your Joomla installation as soon as possible to patch the security issues in your Joomla installation, if your website functions off the CMS Platform. Always remember to take backups before running upgrades. If you need help upgrading your website, contact us today!

4 Ways To Bring More Leads To Your E-Commerce Through Social Media

Are you utilizing social media to gain new leads for your e-commerce business? The answer should be an absolute, yes! Being active on social media is another way to attract users to your site. In fact, you can even gain qualified, new leads if social media utilization is done correctly. This does not mean go out and make a social media page for each channel, but to strategically pick the pages your users are most active on. Understanding the value of social media for your e-commerce business will increase your return on investment. Here are four tips on how to gain qualified social media leads to your e-commerce site.

1.) Know your Audience

The most important factor is understanding your audience. Ask yourself, what are their purchasing trends, interests, geographic location, and frequent social media channels? Once there is a clear understanding of your audience, the next step is to figure out what social media platforms to advertise on. Advertising on social media must be done strategically to gain the most qualified leads to your site. The more qualified your lead is, then the more likely they are to purchase.

2.) Plan the Social Media Platforms

By now, you should have a clear understanding of your audience and where they frequent the most on social networks. The goal is to strategically plan your advertising and content across platforms. Maybe, your audience could benefit from Pinterest by utilizing the buy-able pins function, or geographically targeting ads on Facebook. It is important to make the transfer from social media to the e-commerce site quick and simple. This can be achieved by creating value added content your audience wants to engage with.

3.) Strategic Content

Value added content includes images, videos, articles, etc. tailored to the audience’s purchasing styles and interests. Ensure the content is being shared on social media at times your audience is most active throughout the day. There must be a purpose for the post or call to action. The call to action should make the user want to click on the post or buy the product by proposing an offer. If the content adds value to the buyer’s experience you should get the conversion and their contact information. A way to add value to the customer’s experience is participating in social trends going on, such as #throwbackthursday. Following trends will get the consumer engaged and want to participate in your brand. When they participate in your brand they should end up on an optimized landing page.

4.) Optimized Landing Pages

Optimized landing pages are very important for successful conversion rates. They are what makes your users want to buy from you. It is necessary to keep landing pages clean and concise. Stay clear of too many images and clutter. Many people coming to your landing page are skimming through, so utilize bullet points and clear call to actions. This will also prevent your site from having a high bounce rate. The content colors should be visually appealing and stand out. Often, buyers do not scroll down the whole page instead, make your call to action near the top.

Use these four beneficial ways to bring in leads to your e-commerce site from social media. These are great ways to ensure the leads are qualified to produce more conversions. Social media has been proven to increase awareness for brands and generate more traffic to their websites. Get out there and create more leads.

WebCitz Update!

WebCitz, LLC is excited to announce the addition of a new team member!

This week Peter D joined WebCitz and brings with him vast experience in video production, photo/video editing, photography, visual branding and color grading. In the coming weeks and months WebCitz will be producing dozens of informational videos describing its service lineup and corporate culture. In fact, a video production already in queue will be a video testimonial from a local customer excited about the recent website redesign and order fulfillment system recently integrated for their own growing business.

To assist customers with their own video and photo production requirements, WebCitz will begin offering video production, video editing and photography services to its local and national customers. Everyone at WebCitz is extremely excited about this recent team addition.