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Introducing the Jura Z6!

WebCitz is happy to announce the addition of the Jura Z6 to its team! This mechanical barista comes with all the bells and whistles people have come to expect in an espresso machine. You can forget separate devices to grind coffee and froth milk – this new team member takes appliance downsizing to a new level. The internal hopper and grinder for coffee beans, as well as the internal frothing system for milk, allow this new hire to replace three other machines and put out a caramel macchiato in a fraction of the time of its predecessor, bless her soul. The time savings provided by this beauty surprisingly result in a return on investment of 90 days, and the eventual disappearance of the burr grinder (left) and one of the milk frothers (right) pictured in the image below. If you are in the local area please stop by our offices and meet the new team member!

Jura Z6 Espresso Machine

Coffee Machine Down!

It comes with great sorrow that we must announce the recent passing of our espresso machine. She has been part of the WebCitz family since March 2012 and delighted our staff and customers with more than 10,000 coffee beverages ranging from espressos and Americanos to full out caramel macchiatos. The many years in the constant grind at WebCitz were simply too much for this lady to handle. In her final days she was overcome by a water leak, heating core and water pump malfunction. The curtains may have been pulled too early on her show, but the memory of her contributions to the company will last a lifetime.

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Espresso Machine

L.E. Cooke

The WebCitz team is happy to announce their latest redesign project, the L.E. Cooke website! Since 1944, L.E. Cooke has specialized in growing deciduous trees and shrubs with over 1250 acres in production and sells products throughout the U.S. and Canada in leading nurseries and gardens centers. Please visit the new L.E. Cooke website today!

Magento Certified Solution Specialist & Front End Developer

WebCitz is proud to announce that David Wurst, one of its ecommerce developers, has taken and passed the Magento Certified Solution Specialist and Magento Certified Front End Developer exams this Monday! He had a great time driving out to the testing facility in Kenosha, WI and is nearly caught up from his first day off in more than a year! In the coming months, when time permits, he plans to take another day off to take the Magento Certified Developer and Magento Certified Developer Plus exams. If you have Magento development questions please feel free to call 800-796-8263 and talk with Dave or Corey about your project!

Magento Certified Developers

Rummele’s Jewelry

WebCitz is proud to announce the launch of the new Rummele’s Jewelry website, now featuring an improved online shopping system! You can browse through a wide collection of jewelry online or stop by their location to see even more of the fine jewelry they have available. Rummele’s Jewelry has served the Manitowoc, WI community for more than 125 years and WebCitz is happy to have had the opportunity to team up with them on their latest website project. If you have time to spare please check out Rummele’s Jewelry online!

Triton Signal

The WebCitz team has recently launched the new website redesign project, Triton Signal! Triton Signal provides quality back-up alarms, CCTV systems, LED signal lamps, and LED worklamps and spotlamps, specifically for construction and commercial vehicle applications. Please check out the new website redesign at Triton Signal online today!


WebCitz is proud to announce the launch of the new ecommerce website, GearUp2Go.com! Shop accessories for your UTV or ATV models including windshields, roofs, winches, winch mounts, gun racks, cabs, snow plows and more. WebCitz is happy to have had the opportunity to team up with them on their latest website project. Be sure to check out the new GearUp2Go website!

Quality Glass Engraving

The WebCitz team has recently launched the new ecommerce website, Quality Glass Engraving! Formerly known as Tom’s Glass Works, Quality Glass Engraving specializes in personalized engraved logos and text for your choice of customized glassware, crystal and metal products and gifts. Please check out Quality Glass Engraving online for more information about their personalized glassware!


WebCitz would like to share Homdoor’s recently re-designed ecommerce website. Homdoor specializes in the unique Tandoori oven, an authentic Indian-styled grill for grilling both Indian and American barbecue, including steak, chicken, hot dogs, and even corn on the cob! Check out Homdoor’s new website today at www.homdoor.com!

One World Martial Arts

WebCitz is pleased to announce the redesign of the One World Martial Arts website! One World Martial Arts has been helping people learn the art of Jiu-Jitsu throughout Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Darboy, Kimberly, Greenville and surrounding areas for more than seven years. If you have a moment, please check out the new One World Martial Arts website!