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Social Media Icons

Social media icons are popping up everywhere. They can be used to navigate from one social networking site to the next or to see a company’s profiles on any of those sites. Social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more. Depending on the social networking profile you want on your website, there are a lot of strict guidelines and rules to follow. Rules on use of the logos are strict and placed for copyright and legal reasons. Some rules include not altering logos, using old logos, rotating or placing logos too close to other logos of any kind, etc. Each social networking site lists their own guidelines and rules to follow. Assets, color schemes, logos and brands are provided by each social networking site for user’s to download and place on their own personal site. For more information on rules, guidelines, and logo downloads, click on the social networking sites listed: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Adding social media icons to a personal website is a great way to extend your audience and provide more information on your company, site, personal brand, etc.

The Social Media Website for Rich People!

You know Facebook is getting crowded when you can’t talk about yachts, private jets and caviar without someone from the 99% chiming in with their opinion about your excessive transportation and eating habits! A new social network named “Netropolitan” has sprung up hoping to distance itself from the 99% and serve only the 1% through a social network that costs $9,000 to join for the first year and $3,000 annually thereafter. It will be interesting to see how this type of social network takes off and whether it actually ends up being any different from the common people’s social options. Then again – “amazing” selfies and useless personal updates permeate all social classes. www.netropolitan.info


Bing it On!

Try the Bing vs Google challenge at www.bingiton.com to see which of the two popular search engines you like more!