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WebCitz – Virtual Reality

WebCitz is extremely excited to announce we now offer 360 degree 3D VR video! This is perfect for viewing any type of scene as if you were actually there. It is also great for anybody who has showrooms, restaurants, any real estate they want to show off, or anywhere with an attractive interior. WebCitz is extremely excited about this addition, and we hope to talk to you soon.

WebCitz – Emily Larsen

Emily Larsen has been with WebCitz since Spring of 2016. She has helped our marketing customers with SEO solutions, such as keyword research, landing page optimization, content creation and much more. She also does data entry, 301 redirects and HTML/CSS improvements on both live and in-development projects. Emily looks forward to helping you with your future projects. Contact us today to learn more about our web development and marketing options.

Aubrie Brochtrup

Aubrie Brochtrup has years of experience handling marketing projects across numerous business industries. You will typically find her looking for creative solutions for customers’ online marketing needs specifically for social media, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics. If you have not spoken with her then she looks forward to getting to know you and your company better. Contact us today to learn more about marketing options.

WebCitz – Corey Giordana

Corey Giordana has been with WebCitz since early 2012. If you are a customer, we guarantee you have had multiple calls with Corey. This video allows you to put a face with the voice you have heard for years. Overall communication is Corey’s primary role, but he has various other roles from on-site SEO to PHP programming.

WebCitz – David Wurst

The staff at Webcitz is excited to tell you more about our roles here and how we can help you with your business. The owner, David Wurst, has had a passion for web development for nearly his entire life. The first website he developed was back in 1997 at the age of 11. In 2004, he started WebCitz LLC and since then the company has grown immensely. David looks forward to helping you with all your web development needs. Contact us today to learn more about our web developing options.

L.E. Cooke

The WebCitz team is happy to announce their latest redesign project, the L.E. Cooke website! Since 1944, L.E. Cooke has specialized in growing deciduous trees and shrubs with over 1250 acres in production and sells products throughout the U.S. and Canada in leading nurseries and gardens centers. Please visit the new L.E. Cooke website today!

Rummele’s Jewelry

WebCitz is proud to announce the launch of the new Rummele’s Jewelry website, now featuring an improved online shopping system! You can browse through a wide collection of jewelry online or stop by their location to see even more of the fine jewelry they have available. Rummele’s Jewelry has served the Manitowoc, WI community for more than 125 years and WebCitz is happy to have had the opportunity to team up with them on their latest website project. If you have time to spare please check out Rummele’s Jewelry online!

Triton Signal

The WebCitz team has recently launched the new website redesign project, Triton Signal! Triton Signal provides quality back-up alarms, CCTV systems, LED signal lamps, and LED worklamps and spotlamps, specifically for construction and commercial vehicle applications. Please check out the new website redesign at Triton Signal online today!


WebCitz is proud to announce the launch of the new ecommerce website, GearUp2Go.com! Shop accessories for your UTV or ATV models including windshields, roofs, winches, winch mounts, gun racks, cabs, snow plows and more. WebCitz is happy to have had the opportunity to team up with them on their latest website project. Be sure to check out the new GearUp2Go website!

Quality Glass Engraving

The WebCitz team has recently launched the new ecommerce website, Quality Glass Engraving! Formerly known as Tom’s Glass Works, Quality Glass Engraving specializes in personalized engraved logos and text for your choice of customized glassware, crystal and metal products and gifts. Please check out Quality Glass Engraving online for more information about their personalized glassware!